Virginia Environmental Resources

Well Water Testing for Real Estate Transactions

Virginia Environmental Resources provides EPA-approved state-certified laboratory water testing for real estate transactions. Results you can trust for FHA, USDA, and VA home loans, as well as other home purchases, real estate contracts, home refinances, and any other need that an underwriter or home-buyer requests.

FHA, VA, Refinances and New Home Purchase Well Water Testing

Virginia Environmental Resources provides well water testing services that test for microbiology, coliforms, E. Coli, Nitrite, Nitrate, Lead and other trace metals, and any other test that you require. 

*Ask about our “Guarantee to Pass” option for E. coli, Coliform bacteria, and fecal matter.

Professional Water Sample Collection & Pickup

Our professionally trained water collection techs will come to you! With professionally trained technicians we effectively reduce the risk of a false positive and get you the best results.

1-3 Day Turnaround Times

We offer pick-up services from the property to be tested, and have turnaround times available as quickly as 24-72 hours! 

Our turnaround is 24 -48 hours for the E. coli, Coliform bacteria, and fecal matter testing.

Our turnaround is 7 business days for lead, nitrates, and nitrites testing.

We offer complete water testing services and the best professional water tests to identify the most common contaminants and elements that affect your water. We have partnered with a State-Certified laboratory to help diagnose more extensive water problems as well.